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Call Church Members

The ability to call church members quickly is now an easier task using technology from Database Systems Corp. (DSC). Broadcasting church announcements and invitation to a congregation can now be automatically performed using online services and phone systems from DSC.

Using DSC's call center technology provides churches with the ability to maintain contact with existing members or can be used to contact new and prospective members.

DSC calling services can send church announcements such as welcome messages to new members of a congregation. This same service can be used to broadcast phone messages announcing membership drives. Even emergency church alerts and notices can also be delivered to a congregation in a quick and efficient manner.

Register Online To Call Church Members

Signing up is easy and can be completed in just a few minutes.

Once you have filled out this online service form and agree to our online terms and conditions, you are ready to activate your calling account. We accept major credit cards and can process this completely online.

Starting at just $25, our service is both affordable and reliable. Simply download your list of phone numbers and record a phone message using our 800 number service. Its that simple and you are ready to broadcast your message to your community.

DSC can also provide you with a written agreement that can be downloaded, printed and executed. Simply mail this agreement to DSC and a representaive willl contact you about payments.

Contact DSC to learn more about our call church member notification services.

In Christ New Hope Ministry, Inc.

"Our Mission

A ministry blessed (empowered to prosper) to equip believers with the inspired Word of God to fulfill (the whole man) spirit, soul and body; to have a solid foundation in the Living Word of God with signs following, with the assurance that God is not a respector of person. Helping those in the body to find and fulfill their place in ministry."

In Christ New Hope Ministry has contracted with Database Systems Corp. to provide church phone message broadcasting services to its members. Messages are delivered to answering machines and individuals for event notification - especially church invitational and funeral announcements where there is a very short window of time to notify its membership. Voice broadcast messages are also sent to church members for other special meetings and events.

Call Church Member Features

Automated church announcements and church invitation calls are becoming very popular and affordable these days. Instead of relying on word of mouth or publications which are quickly out of date and expensive, automatic call messaging lets you contact your congregration quickly with one consistent message. It is always ideal for personal contact, but when expediency and cost are a factor, automated messaging can help get your announcements out in a reliable fashion. Even members who are at church regularly may not read the bulletins. The following are just a few of the applications for this economical church announcement service.

Complete online reports are available to show you the results of your message campaign.

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Contact DSC to learn more about our call church member services.