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Church Dialers

Church auto dialing services and systems from Database Systems Corp. (DSC) let administrators contact members of a congregation whenever a message or alert needs to be sent quickly.

DSC has developed the technology to automatically broadcast church phone messages using our automated calling service. Calls are delivered quickly and at an affordable price. Phone messages can be simple call notifications of church events or meetings.

What Is A Church Auto Dialer?

    Auto dialing using voice messages (also referred to as phone broadcasting or message broadcasting) is a modern communications technology that sends a voice phone message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a very short period of time. This technology is often used for community alerts and notifications or in business applications.

Church auto dialing can also be used during emergencies to send alerts and warnings to a congregation or even to an entire community. Emergency church announcements such as event cancellations due to inclement weather can be automatically broadcast to all or part of your congregation with the same, consistent message using our message broadcasting systems.

Register Online For Church Auto Dialing Services

DSC provides automated calling services to both business and non-profit organizations. Start Calling In Just Minutes!. Using our new online signup lets you get started immediately with your calling campaign. Simply create an account and agree to our standard terms and conditions. Then download your list of phone numbers and record a message.

We accept major credit cards and for as little as $25, you can begin calling. Its that simple!

Contact DSC to learn more about our church volunteer calling services.

Church Auto Dialer Phone System

If your church is large enough to require your own church message dialing system, DSC can also provide you with a complete, turnkey church dialer. To effectively use this dialer, your administrative office must have sufficient analog or digital phone lines to broadcast numerous messages simultaneously. DSC provides dialers that support both analog and digital phone lines.

Church dialers consist of a Windows based PC that has been optimized for automatic message dialing. This system contains Dialogic control boards that can manage a few analog phone lines or can be expanded to support hundreds of digital phone lines. Contact DSC to learn more about these flexible and powerful phone systems.

Church Call Features

DSC provides a complete line of automated calling solutions including our church voice broadcasting services. Church announcements and church invitation calls are becoming very popular and affordable these days. Instead of relying on word of mouth or publications which are quickly out of date and expensive, automatic call messaging lets you contact your congregration quickly with one consistent message.

The following are just a few of the applications for this economical church calling service.

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